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Flowers of Secrets
- Coffee Filter Dress - Healing Garden - Too Sensitive

Current on-going project - trash to treasure - used coffee filters, beeswax, secrets, thread, embroidery stitches, needles, and pins 

Writing the secret on the circular, up cycled coffee filter did not seem like I gave enough time, respect and esteem to either the secret or the anonymous author. I decided it would be better to embroider with soft, speaking, neutral color floss the words I copied from PostSecret. While I stitch each secret I pray for peace in the heart and soul of the anonymous author. Piecing with the needle, a sort of acupuncture, tattooing ritual further adds to the healing process. As I work and pray for the healing of another woman I am feeling a cathartic healing within myself.

Loaded with so much symbolism: round like breasts; slits like vaginas; soft like the female body; interiors like wombs, vaginas, mouths, and/or the psyche; and then subtly stitched with secrets, like clues that give insight into the person who secret they caress. I envision this installation growing until I create a large, walk-in, space filled with healing Flowers of Secrets hanging suspended from above.




ixed media art




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mixed media art